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Unveiling the Insights: Summary Report on the First Pilot Studies of the Impact Measurement Toolkit

We are excited to share the summary report of the first phase of pilot studies conducted in Czechia, Belgium, and Ireland. This report encapsulates the significant progress and key findings following the implementation of the newly developed Impact Measurement Toolkit.

Devised collaboratively by Maynooth University, WOSM, YMCA, and our member organisations, the toolkit stands as a testament to our commitment to enhancing youth development initiatives. The development phase of the toolkit was marked by a comprehensive literature review, enriched with extensive discussions and consultations. These efforts provided valuable insights into the dynamics of youth development and the multifaceted aspects of young people’s personal development.

The real-world application of this toolkit was put to the test in three diverse contexts by Junak in Czechia, Scouting Ireland, and Les Scouts in Belgium. These pilot studies were not just exercises in validation but were pivotal in assessing the toolkit’s practical applicability and effectiveness across different settings.

The findings and developments from these studies are now compiled in a summary report. This document is a crucial resource for anyone interested in understanding the impact of youth development initiatives and the role of our toolkit in measuring and analysing this impact.

To delve into the details of these fascinating findings and learn more about the toolkit’s journey from conception to real-world application, we invite you to access the full report here.