Welcome to our exciting initiative, ‘Measuring Impact: with, for and by youth organisations.’ Our mission is simple yet impactful: We’re bridging the gap between policy-making, academic research, and practical applications in the youth sector. How? By elevating the standard of evidence that showcases the impact of youth organisations! At the heart of our project is a commitment to enhance the educational offers provided by youth organisations, particularly for young people in less privileged communities. We believe in empowering the youth, and this project is a step in that direction.

But we’re not stopping there. We’re determined to extend our reach well beyond our immediate network. Our goal is to be a pivotal player in the successful rollout of the EU Youth Strategy. By amplifying the evidence of societal impact and the effectiveness of youth empowerment activities, we’re setting a new standard in youth engagement. The project’s final output, the impact assessment toolkit, is currently being tested in six member organisations and will be made publicly accessible, allowing over 300 youth organisations belonging to WOSM and YMCA networks and beyond to access, test, and study the methodology, research guidelines, and materials. Youth organisations will have full access to the data collection and analysis tools and be better equipped to evaluate and improve their educational offer. Through a strong dissemination dimension, MIYO partners aim to build synergies between policymakers, youth associations, and the research community, linking participatory and inclusive research to evidence-based decision-making.

The project primarily focuses on these four key goals:

  • Explore, enhance, and disseminate best practices for measuring impact both within the project consortium and beyond by establishing a network of research institutions and youth organisations;
  • Strengthen the digital capacity of youth organisations to employ impact measurement methodology, primarily data collection and analysis tools, through the guidance of trained consultants;
  • Measure the impact of non-formal education on the growth of young members in terms of skills, attitudes, knowledge, and behaviours, by establishing a robust research methodology that can be applied throughout the network of youth organisations;
  • Enhance the educational opportunities, particularly for youth from underserved communities and understand the strengths by collecting comparable and standardised data from several European countries and diverse youth organisations.

Youth organisations play a pivotal role in the fabric of society. By creating spaces for personal development, we enable young people to flourish by fostering connection, solidarity, and effective interpersonal communication. Each of these skills forms a cornerstone for an individual′s successful navigation through life, fostering self-confidence, resilience, empathy, and respect.

MIYO Consortium

Leading European Youth NGOs

Bureau Européen du Scoutisme: Spearheading the European Scout Region, this organisation is part of the World Organisation of Scout Movement (WOSM). It proudly represents 54 million members worldwide across 171 countries, including 2 million in 40 European countries and 68 associations.

Visit scout.org

YMCA Europe: A key member of the global YMCA network, present in 37 countries through 39 member organisations and over 4000 local branches. Annually, they engage with more than 2 million young people. The YMCA’s global presence extends to 120 countries, impacting 64 million young individuals. Their focus lies on empowering youth and promoting social justice and peace, particularly through health, employment, civic engagement, and environmental initiatives.

Visit ymcaeurope.com

Academic Research Partner

Maynooth Department of Applied Social Studies: Featuring a centre for youth research and development, this department emphasises youth work research.

Visit maynoothuniversity.ie

Six National Youth Organisations Affiliated with European NGOs

Our consortium includes six independent national youth organisations affiliated with two major European Youth NGO networks, YMCA and WOSM. These organisations were selected via an open call from nearly 15 applicants. The selection criteria included:

Geographical Diversity: With representatives from Sweden, Belgium, Ireland, the Czech Republic, North Macedonia, and the Netherlands.

Outreach and Impact: Evaluating the size and impact relative to the youth population. For example, the Belgian organisation engages 7% of their youth population, whereas the North Macedonian organisation reaches less than 1%.

Project Engagement and Experience: Organisations such as Les Scouts bring invaluable experience in e-learning and impact evaluation, including collaborations with universities for research studies.

National Connections: All partners are active members of National Youth Councils and other national youth work platforms.

Balance in Project Involvement: Incorporating both newcomers to significant European projects, like Scouterna and Les Scouts, as well as experienced groups like JUNAK and SIM in large-scale Erasmus projects.

Our consortium is a dynamic collection of organisations, each bringing diverse experiences to the table, united in our commitment to empowering the youth of Europe. Together, we strive to create impactful, sustainable changes for the younger generations.