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Mid-Term Meeting Updates on MIYO Project in Skopje, North Macedonia

From 28th to 31st March, the MIYO Consortium partners convened in Skopje to assess the progress of the project. Key topics included refining the methodology, planning initial pilot studies, and synchronising the project’s budget and timeline for deliverables.

Prior to this meeting, the partners had agreed on employing the SPICES framework, a concept developed by WOSM. This framework categorises personal development into six areas: Social, Physical, Intellectual, Character, Emotional, and Spiritual. To tailor our approach, a poll among youth leaders and workers in partner organisations was conducted to prioritise the most relevant elements in each category.

Budgetary aspects, including translation and transcription costs, were also discussed. Partners showed satisfaction with the academic team’s support and were optimistic about the study’s progress. The Europe Scout Bureau team also presented updates on project deliverables, upcoming tasks, and financial management. The project is on track and progressing as planned according to the revised timeline.