MIYO Project Kick-Off Meeting

Maynooth University, 8th to 11th June 2023 

The participants were welcomed by Maynooth University, to mark the start of the project implementation.

All partners of the project were represented at the meeting and presented their organizations and the journey leading to the partnership. Project partners: European Scout Bureau (Belgium), YMCA Europe (Belgium), Maynooth University (Ireland), Scouting Ireland (Ireland), Les Scouts (Belgium), Scouterna (Sweden), Junak (Czech Republik), Scout Association of Macedonia (Noth Macedonia), and YMCA Netherlands.

Meetings started with establishing a common understanding and alignment of the project scope and goals. Information about the previously undertaken work from the Scouts was presented and the following plan was outlined in the project plan. The session implemented a deep dive in the five work packages of the project. Partners understood their roles and had the opportunity to ask questions and have discussions about each deliverable and task. 

In the collaborative workshop, the timeline for the project was mapped, and furthermore, additional partner-related elements were identified that were integrated within the general timeline. The implementation of the project started in April 2022 and will finish in March 2024. No adjustments to the project timeline were proposed in accordance with the timely start of the project implementation.

The partners were presented with the outcomes of the initial discussions coming from the methodology review meeting (Europe Scout Bureau, YMCA Europe and the Maynooth University) that was held the days before the project kick-off.  

Some of the directions from the review are: 

  • The existing methodology needs to be further developed and upgraded as we identified limitations on its quality and representations  
  • The age group that will be proposed to be targeted will remain the same (14 – 17 years old) 
  • The methodology needs to be completed with qualitative research in addition to the quantitative one. This will ensure a robust and academically sound methodology.  
  • The methodology will assess and measure the full spectrum of the social impact (Personal, Community and Institutional)  
  • The assessment and measurement method will be based on individual self-reported and perceived impact.  
  • No comparison groups will be used as part of the methodology.  
  • Youth workers and Youth Members will participate in the pilot studies.  

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