MIYO Kick-Off Meeting

Maynooth, 8-10 June 2022

The participants were welcomed by Maynooth University, to mark start of project implementation.

The project partners as follows: European Scout Bureau (Belgium), YMCA Europe (Belgium), Maynooth University (Ireland), Scouting Ireland (Ireland), Les Scouts (Belgium), Scouterna (Sweden), Junak (Czech Republic), Scout Association of Macedonia (North Macedonia), and YMCA Netherlands (the Netherlands).

All partner organization attend these meet and shared experience in impact measurement area. The introductory sessions allowed partners to explore all five work packages in detail, clarify their roles and responsibilities, discuss and agree on each deliverable and task. After reviewing these previous WOSM studies, partners identified certain limitations: sampling size, the validity of results, application of comparison groups, etc. As a more viable solution, it decided to combine quantitative and qualitative research methods and organise data collection only with these membership of NGOs, without comparing members with non-members. Given time and budgetary constraints of project, it agreed measure impact youth programs the self-perception of young people, as opposed longitudinal studies. The survey will help to measures their self-perceived impact of youth programs on beneficiaries personal development. It complemented by focus group discussions with young people will give more insight matter. The Consortium also review project budget and these pre-identified project management tools. Bilateral MoUs were signed to partnership framework, the Europe Scout Bureau and the rest of Consortium.

In the collaborative workshop, the timeline for the project was mapped and further partnership elements were highlighted. The implementation of project started in April 2022 and will finish in March 2024. No adjustments to project timeline were proposed, considering the timely launch of project.

The main conclusions are following:

  • The existing methodology to refined as certain limitations in relation the sampling and survey questionnaire were identified;
  • The upcoming studies will target same age group (14 – 17 years old) and no comparison groups will applied;
  • The quantitative methods will complemented by qualitative studies, to groups ensure robust and academically sound methodology;
  • Given the time and budgetary constraints of project, their impact personal and community level will measured self-perception of young people;
  • Youth workers and youth leaders will the part of pilot studies.
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