Welcome to the MIYO project space!

The project (Measuring Impact: with, for and by youth organisations) aims at reinforcing the links between policy, research and practice in the youth field by improving the level of evidence of the impact of youth organisations through a robust and recognised research methodology.

Ultimately, the project goal is to help strengthen the quality of the educational activities of youth organisations, in particular the ones offered to young people from disadvantaged areas.

Through a strong dissemination dimension, the project aims to impact the youth sector beyond the partners network. The ambition of the project is to be a milestone in the implementation of the EU Youth Strategy by increasing the level of evidence in terms of societal impact and learning outcomes of youth empowerment activities provided by youth organisations.

The project addresses all following priorities of the call:

1) Increasing quality in the work, activities and practices of organisations and institutions involved, opening up to new actors, not naturally included within one sector.

2) Building capacity of organisations to work transnationally and across sectors.

3) Addressing common needs and priorities in the fields of education, training, youth and sport.

4) Enabling transformation and change (at organisational and sectoral level), leading to improvements and new approaches, in proportion to the context of each organisation;